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Moving Abroad: Where Should You Leave Your Pets

By Stephen Davis
Special to

When moving abroad, one of the hardest decisions you will have to make is whether or not to take your pets with you. Usually anyone who can afford to take their pet with them will take it with them. But some people cannot afford the high international shipping costs and hassle to take their pet with them. In such cases, pets will need a proper home before you move overseas. Although a difficult decision it can be comforting to know that there are numerous options for your pet when you move internationally.

Leave your pets with a neighbor.
When moving internationally, one of the most common options is to leave your cat or dog with a neighbor. In well-knit communities, a pet is loved by its neighbors as well and in most of the cases the neighbors would be more than glad to keep the pet. If you are not selling your house and plan to move back after a year or two, you can have your pet back. The pet will have the advantage of living near the place it is familiar with.

Leave your pets with a friend or relative.
If your neighbors are not into the idea of having pets, you can ask your friends and relatives. Friends that live in the same city are an easy option as it will be easy to hand the pet over to them. Relatives may live far from your city, sometimes in another state and it might be very difficult to transport the pet over to them. However, friends and relatives both will take good care of your pet and you can be sure of its safety and happiness.

Donate your pets to a school.
If you have a small dog, cat or bird, a primary school or nursery may be interested in keeping them. Nurseries have the trend of keeping pets for children to enjoy and respect. The animals also make for a great way to teach young children about animal rights and caring for pets. Your pet will never be lonely and may become a favorite of many children and perhaps the community.

Donate your pets to an orphanage.
Some orphanages allow their residents to keep pets. Others have a common area for pets that everyone can share. It may be a good idea to donate your pet to the orphanage where it may give company to those who need it. Many orphans tell the story of being inspired by their pet during childhood. Pets give people the strength and the hope to carry on and not get depressed. Your pet may make someone's life.

Sell your pets.
Sometimes you won't be able to do any of the previously mentioned options. In such a case, the last resort is to sell your pet to a pet shop. Your pet may have a new owner coming along in no time and have another interesting chapter to its life.

Before you arrange your move with international movers or even start packing, you should consider what will happen to your pets. With some prep and research your pets will have a safe and comfortable home.

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