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Because international moving can be much more complicated than moving domestically, finding the right international moving company is critical to the success of your relocation.

When moving internationally, plan well ahead, look into lots of international moving companies, and do plenty of homework about your new country. Our International Moving Guide can answer any questions you have about international moving, or shipping overseas for that matter.

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How Can The BBB Help You With Your Move?

When one has to move home, it is generally accepted that professional moving companies should be retained to pack up one's household, in order to avoid damage to one's expensive articles like the fridge, the stove and other delicate electrical and electronic items, as well as one's furniture and any other household items which may be valuable or of intrinsic value.

There are some other very valid reasons for using the services of a moving company. Chief among them is the fact that the company will have on its staff a number of professional packers who will efficiently pack up the entire contents of your home in a matter of hours. This is a great advantage over trying to do the job on your own in fits and starts, having to decide what will not be needed up to the date of the move (and so can be packed ahead of time); and what will, thus the packing of each and every room in the home will have to be done in stages, leaving your home in disarray.

The moving company's professional packers are past masters at packing up households into the smallest possible cubic footage. This will reduce the overall cost of the company's quotation for the move, as space is the most expensive component of any quotation. For instance, the packers are able to create a square or oblong container out of almost everything in one's home; and these shapes, besides taking up less space when stacked, are the easiest to load and unload. A good example is a simple chair. Carton is fitted around the outside of the legs and taped in place, making a perfect box in which to pack smaller items. The top is then sealed and another compartment is formed using the chair back as one of the four sides. The end result is an oblong carton that is easily stacked.

All the above information is well and good, but the question of how to choose the best moving company for your particular needs remains. Almost every city and town has hundreds of moving companies which advertise in the yellow pages, in local newspapers and on the internet. Obviously, word of mouth is the best recommendation, so if you know of someone who has recently moved, ask them about the company they used. If not, then your options are limited to those companies which advertise in the media. Look for a company which is registered with the BBB - the Better Business Bureau, which operates throughout the US and Canada. Companies which are listed with the BBB pay an annual fee and have to conform to normal business practices of professionalism and honesty. In return, the BBB advertises their services and offer interested parties information gathered on the company. Should a dispute arise, the BBB offers arbitration to resolve the matter, so you may have some form of recompense.

Never, ever, choose a mover by the so-called letters of recommendation shown on websites, as these ‘satisfied customer recommendations' are generally written by the company itself.

Moving internationally and no idea what to do? We'll help. Our moving tips and guides will help you every step of the way, from choosing moving companies to packing up your goods.