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Because international moving can be much more complicated than moving domestically, finding the right international moving company is critical to the success of your relocation.

When moving internationally, plan well ahead, look into lots of international moving companies, and do plenty of homework about your new country. Our International Moving Guide can answer any questions you have about international moving, or shipping overseas for that matter.

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Moving to Another Country: What You Need to Know

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You received a letter from the foreign school you applied months ago. You made it to their roll. Now, your dream of having a doctorate degree is at hand and you're moving abroad to another country. Or perhaps your company is opening an office in another country and you've been selected to join that office. For whatever reason you might be moving to a foreign country you will need to be organized for your international move and prepare. It is important to know the things you need before finally flying off to a new country.

Get your documents ready.
Moving to a new country requires massive paper work. If you don't have a valid passport you will need one for your international shipping. Find out if your destination country requires a special visa for foreigners. You may want to visit the nearest embassy. If you plan of working or studying in that country, residency and working permits might be required from you. You might need some references and papers from your previous employer or bank. Better have all the necessary information months before your moving day to have everything in order with less stress. In some cases you can have you papers on your arrival on the foreign country, but it is always better to secure them before leaving.

Manage your properties.

Will you be staying on that country for good? Or it is just temporary and for only a period of time? If you decide to move for good, you may want to sell some of your properties and take only what is necessary and have them moved by an international mover. If the airline allows their passenger to bring loads of clothes and baggage, then you may do so. Otherwise you can just send it through a courier.

But if you're just temporarily be staying on that country, you may want to consider renting a storage facility for some of your belongings if you don't have your own home. You can have your heavy furniture and appliances stored in these facilities.

Look after your health.

It is very important that you secure health insurance. Things might happen unexpectedly and you can turn to no one in unfamiliar place. Get to know the health care system of the country you're moving in. Are you required to get private insurance? Or are you covered by the public insurance? You need to have all these information especially if you have any health issues that require regular monitoring. You may secure your health records prior the move and have them hand carried, or you may want to mail them ahead of you. You may also want to know some names of doctors in the country and let him or her have and evaluate your files for possible assistance.

Moving to a new country is not that hard. All you need to do is make some research and prepare ahead of time. International moving companies can take care of some paperwork for you. However, there are documents that you have to take care on your own. You need to do your part. Do some searches. Ask questions and take down notes.

Moving internationally and no idea what to do? We'll help. Our moving tips and guides will help you every step of the way, from choosing moving companies to packing up your goods.