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Because international moving can be much more complicated than moving domestically, finding the right international moving company is critical to the success of your relocation.

When moving internationally, plan well ahead, look into lots of international moving companies, and do plenty of homework about your new country. Our International Moving Guide can answer any questions you have about international moving, or shipping overseas for that matter.

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Preparing Your New Home Before You Unpack


You may need to do a lot of preparations before your move abroad. Packing and preparing your family for a move can take up a lot of your time. Some people want to do it themselves, whereas others hire professional international movers and packers to make their move a smooth one. Moving for many of us is an emotional transition as well. It's difficult to leave behind your area of comfort and enter a new one.

When you move out, it is obvious that you will be moving out with a lot of boxes and bags. You can be in a messy situation if your new place is not prepared before you unpack. Preparing your home, well in advance, will let you be at ease and reduce your unpacking hassles as well as any difficulties with your international shippers.

Do Thorough Inspection Before Purchase:
Before you sign a legal document or issue a check, make sure you do several walk through inspections at your new house. This may be difficult with international moving, but you can still inspect the place online or ask the landlords to film the place. There are several things you are required to check before you buy or lease the house. You must check for damages, leakages and animal or mold infestations. Don't forget to check the condition of the fixtures. It may not be a good idea to move into a home with leaking faucets. Thorough inspections will also allow you to calculate the ways to use the space in your new property. You must have a fair mental picture of where you are going to place your things.

Renovations and Modifications:
Modifications to the existing the home should be done before you move in. Many of us think it is a good idea to renovate the new place after you move in but it can be taxing. With several boxes lying around and loads of things to unpack, getting the color of your walls changed or a new chandelier being attached to the ceiling, it can get really uncomfortable.

Cleaning The Property:
You wouldn't want to keep your clothes in a dirty wardrobe or stack up your dishes in an unclean dish rack. There are several areas of the house which must be cleaned before you start unpacking. Having your washrooms cleaned is extremely important. You must make a special note of this if you are moving in with elders and kids.

Setting Up Utilities:
You must have utilities like telephone and Internet connections set up before you move in to your new house. Find out local providers and get quotes from them. You must have your connections ready before you start unpacking as you may have to use those during the process.

Unpacking Boxes and Bags:
Just like packing, unpacking an international shipment can also be tiresome. Getting help from all members of the family will make this process a simpler one. Your children can take charge of their rooms and boxes. Someone who uses the kitchen more often can set it up. If you assign some work to all members of your family, the job will become easy. Assigning tasks before unpacking will help you save more time.

Moving internationally and no idea what to do? We'll help. Our moving tips and guides will help you every step of the way, from choosing moving companies to packing up your goods.